Monday, November 17, 2008

Who's still pouring?

Welcome to the 5th annual San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival! And what a festival it was! As you all know I love my girl Jen Cassel for always providing me the cookie hook up with all her crazy connections. Gotta love six degrees of separation right? In this case it was only two but it was sweet one! One of her old client's, Janene Roberts, had a vendor pull out last minute which resulted in an extra booth at the event that was dying to serve my cookies! Thanks to you both! A little plug for Janene, who's got a great book out right now all about "Wine Tasting in San Diego & Beyond". This book is perfect for anyone wanting to take an insiders look at wine tasting, all the local wineries and what's happening in the San Diego world of wine. She guides the reader from selecting wine and serving to having your very own wine party to all the ins and outs of wineries as far north as LA. Check it out
Anyway, you can read all the reviews of the event and who's who of who was all there so I don't have to tell you guys that it was so much fun and pretty amazing! The only part that kind of sucked is that I wish I could have left the table more to sample my share of all wine and food there but I was having a little insanity with all the cookie love! Lots and lots of cookie rave which always leaves me hopeful. But we'll see how "sticky" I really am and who remembers me in the next days, weeks, and months to come. If anyone has any ideas that would be much appreciated actually.
In the last hour I was finally able to get away with wine glass in hand a growling stomach that had to stare at everyone else's delectable sample plates for the last 4 hours! My two new favorite discoveries where Solare, who served this amazing mediterrean seafood grain that had this awesome sweet flavor I loved and Sweet Cheeks Bakery, that made the cutest little pumpkin cupcakes that were so good. Indigo Grill, who of course never disappoints, had yummy tamales and Flemmings with their 4 oz filets came very close to ending my 3 year drought of eating red meat. Unforunately, by the time we made our way around most of the wineries were down pouring :(. But one discovery I did make was Harvest Moon. Being such a sweet girl :) I love my sweet wines. They had a geverztraminer that was amazing! Mmmmm... it was so nice eating something other than cookies for a change :)

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