Monday, September 1, 2008

$15 Dinner for Three

Still blogging from Oregan but today we left Portland and drove out to the coast, Seaside to be exact. It was quite a scenic drive...actually I slept most of the way but when I had to wake up to pee it was really pretty. I must say Oregan is incredibly green. I kind of miss that in San Diego. Anyway so, I'm traveling with my sister and her new husband, Certonie. And it's kind of cool that we've all recently quit our incredibly stable but slightly boring corporate jobs to explore new opportunities in areas we're more passionate about. Mine is obviously the cookies and my sister and Certontie are models/actors in Miami. You know the typical Asian professions. :) So all being unemployed, we've had to become quite creative in cost saving methods for this vacation. It's actually been more than a coincidence, all the ways we've managed to get a lot for a little in our hotels, rental car, and food. I think today was the first day we've actually had to pay for food. Each morning our hotel in Portland had a ridiculous breakfast buffet. Seriously, I mean ridiculous. Belgian waffles, pancakes, cereal, eggs, potatoes, sushi, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, bagels, toast, biscuits and gravy, french toast, sausage, was insane. But that would last us for the rest of the day until dinner which was taken care of with wedding related events. So tonight, sitting around our small little round table in our sticky floored, but ocean front, hotel, eating our $15 dinner of wheat bread rotissuere chicken sandwiches, broccoli and carrots with hummus, and fresh blueberries and cherries we couldn't help but laugh. We know one day when The Cookie Chew donates its 20 millionth dollar to Uganda, and Lilly Chou-Cook has been booked for the new Dolce and Gabana campaign and Cerontie Cook has produced and starred in a world renowned film recognized for its innovative outlook, we'll remember back in the day when we had dinner from Safeway and had to wash and save our plastic forks. Actually, I hope we never forget.

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