Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where have I been?

So I know I must be totally decades behind but I just discovered the big wide world of yelp.com. I love it! I've been doing it for my whole life really but now it's just documented. Whenever I'd have a fantastic experience of course I'd have to tell everyone how awesome it was and whenever it was crappy oh you know I was telling the first person I saw. How cool is it that I can tell hundreds of thousands of people all at once now! It's also a good place to do a little cookie promoting. I've listed The Cookie Chew as an official business even though it's not an actual location (I don't know if that's okay actually), but oh well, so if you've had an ejoyable cookie experience, go ahead and yelp about it!


Couture CupCakery said...

What did you put for your address? It shows it is not optional but I don't want to use the kitchen I rent, as it is not my storefront.

With a mouth full of cookies said...

I just put my PO Box - wasn't sure if that was okay or not :)You should also look into listing on Kudzu.com as well.