Monday, September 29, 2008


Thank God it's Monday!!...not becuase I'm a workaholic and just love working....even though I don't really have a real work week anymore so I guess everyday could really be a Monday or a Friday or anyother day... wait what day is it? ... but becuase it just means it's a fresh week with new goals and thank God today got off to a much better start than last week's Monday. Last week was a frustrating week for me...and I guess all of America too. :( It's hard when you know you've got a great product and you know people just love them but you still need to convince them to actually pay money for them or to trade some oro blanco grapefruit for them - so good! (Thanks for the hook-up Polito Farms - your fruits are delish!) But anyway, with the start of a new week,I'm re-energized and feeling pretty solid after a super encouraging day with lots of cookie love, including a cookie shout out from Hillary on FM94.9 middays. Thanks girl! It's all about the cookies!

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