Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The other 1,500 cookies...

Wow - why is my life just flying by right now?! It's totally crazy! I feel like everyday is just a busy blur with cookies swirling in the eye of the hurricane and before I know it I'm passing out in the batter only to get up and start another crazy day all over again. It's totally a good thing though. Anyway, my whole point is too apologize for taking a few days to tell you guys about the Heros on the Harbor event on Saturday because I know I promised to do it on Sunday. It was fantastic! I had never been aboard the U.S.S Midway before so to see the ship and explore all the historical aircrafts on board was totally cool. I learned that more people are qualified to perform brain surgery than to land a carrier. It's crazy hard and pretty scary to do! The setup of the event was beautiful and pretty much covered the entire flight desk of the ship. It was huge! I think there had to be at least over 20 wineries there, Jers Chocolate and my cookies were there and many others as well. The highlight of the night had to be Michael Israel's performance though. I had seen some of his youtube videos so I knew what to expect but those don't even compare to actually watching it in person. It's incredible! I was stoked too because he loved the cookies! Afterward, I think each painting got auctioned for no less than $10k, they were amazing! All in all it was a fantastic night and I'm so glad to have been able to take part in it. To see so many people show up to volunteer and attend and contribute to such a great cause again reminded of why I love this town so much!

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