Saturday, August 30, 2008

Perhaps the second times a charm?

Today I'm blogging from the beautiful city of Portland for my cousin's wedding. Being my first time here, I was of course crazy excited about the famous Portland Farmer's Markets. Besides Costco, where else can you go and eat a full meal just off samples? And even better when it's all fresh, organic, unique, and so good. I love it! Anyway, it got me thinking about trying a second swing at the San Diego Farmer's Markets again. For about four months at the beginning of the year, I used to be at the La Jolla and Scripps Ranch markets, but each week the costs and efforts severely outweighed the benefits. It was very disappointing and I was sad to leave, especially since I loved the community of people and delicious products I would pack my car home with each week. However, now that the Little Italy Market, which literally is in my backyard, is getting great publicity and great vendors, I may decide to take another crack at it. I keep saying that all it'll take is for the cookies to get in the mouths of the massess and what better way to get the massess to come than to offer FREE SAMPLES?

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