Thursday, August 28, 2008

Finally focused

It's true I can be all over the place and wantin' to do a thousand things all at once. Can you blame me though? I'm on a constant sugar high! But after a little voluntary "intervention session" with some friends last night I think I've finally found a focus for The Cookie Chew, at least initially. When we first sat down to discuss what I wanted to do with my business I must have listed a hundred areas that I really wanted a strong cookie presence, like having my storefront, distributing to specialty food stores and catalogs, starting an after school baking program,corporate catering. wedding favors.... pretty much anyone and anywhere I thought might want a cookie, I was certain to get them one. Problem is, right now it's just me. So, instead of trying to do a little everywhere and in everything and getting only a little in return, I've decided to focus soley on getting a solid footing in the wedding and events category. Trying to hook up with all the planners and caterers and gettin' a cookie in their mouth!

So, first I think I need to get some cookie exposure. A fellow sweets connoisseur, Michelle Michel of Couture Cupcakery ( has given me a few sites where I can set up a cookie profile and help get The Cookie Chew name and uniqueness known.

Thanks Michelle!


Couture CupCakery said...

Your quite welcome! I liked your idea of sitting down with some friends and brainstorming. Sometimes getting other perspectives from people that are not directly involved with you can bring clarity. I may have to do this before the holidays hit. Cool jazz event. I need to get out in the community more.

With a mouth full of cookies said...

Thanks! Yea - It was definitely so helpful to finally get all the ideas floating in my head out and to others to critique. I highly recommend it. Plus they loved the free cookies :). Thanks again!