Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Heros and Cookies

So, I'm kind of not sure whether I should be totally stoked or freaking out right now!! I just agreed to participate in providing samples of the cookies at the 2nd annual Heros on the Harbor event in San Diego honoring our wounded soilders aboard the USS Midway ( . It's a super cool event that features artist Michael Israel, who's absolutely incredible when he performs, ( pretty rad stuff right?; some cool bands, fireworks, and best of all wine, chocolate and food - my three weaknesess. So why should I be freaking out? Becuase they're expecting around 1,500 people! I know it doesn't sound like that much and for some, maybe most, it's a piece of cake making 1,500 samples but when it's just me and my two hands that just sounds ridiculous!! According to my calculations from start to finish it takes me about 5 minutes to make one cookie...i know working on it.. but at that rate it'll take me five days to make them all..if I work 24 hours a day without snacking on any of them!! That's just insane. Anyone know someone who's in the mood to bake? For real though I'm stoked. I think the exposure's going to be fantastic for the cookies and it's such a great cause to support. Hope to see you there!

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