Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Sugar Hut

You know you're not too affected by our current economy when you can throw a kickin' luau party, with catered food, rock band and all at the Lowe's Coronado for your 13th birthday! I think for my 13th birthday my mom brought home a carvel ice cream cake, the only real ice cream cake that's good in my book becuase of the chocolate crunchies - so good - and my family sang their rendition of Happy Birthday, slightly off-key. Not that I'm jealous or anything :)

We were in charge of the cookie/candy bar set-up - so we called it "The SugarHut". It was really Jen's genius idea so I can't take full credit for it but it did look super cute. We got a grass straw umbrella to make it kind of look like a hut and covered the table with candy, leis, seashells, coconuts, a pineapple, more candy and a cookie lei! Cookie Luau anyone??!!

The beautiful Loew's Coronado

The Cookie Lei :)

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