Monday, December 1, 2008

Office supplies, office furniture, office depot, office cookies!

There's another reason why I love San Diego - with this much sunshine, how can someone not be shiny and happy? Like my super friendly neighborhood Office Depot copy girl! I just made a new friend not only for all my copying and printing needs but apparantly she's also got a few baking tips and tricks up her sleeve too. Like this pineapple cookie recipe she sent me. I tried it and it was delicious only I used butter instead of shortening and I added a little orange zest as well. Moist but not cakey with awesome flavor! Unfortunately, my camera crapped out on me so I can't show them to you guys but I'm taking this recipe and tweaking it for the pina colada cookie!


Janice Lois said...
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trang le said...

Finally had a chance to check out your website and i LOVE it! it's super chic, i can dig it. btw, i got your work order number for your camera and it's being sent out today. it was nice meeting you guys! :) i will be for sure ordering your cookies soon (and probably blog about it)! :)

Andry said...

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