Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is this really what I sound like???

Hi cookie fans - I'm so so so sorry for being so MIA this last past month. Thankfully it was actually crazy busy with the holidays and all that between baking, eating, baking a little more, entertaining family, baking AGAIN, eating a lot more, making my family bake, taking my final (yay!!!!), baking, eating buffets, Christmas mall runs, baking, traffic school, baking, radio spots, baking, podcast sots, four ugly sweater parties, two cookie exchanges, and three white elephant parties, somehow blogging fell a little behind. So sorry! AND to make it even worse, I had two live cookie interviews in one week that I so wanted to blog about but couldn't! They were pretty awesome though! One was for the Gourmet Club that's podcasted on the Union Tribune's website with host Robert Whitley and his regular co-hosts Caron Golden ( and Maureen Clancy ( It airs every Wednesday at 11 and they talk about anything and everything food! Totally my kind of show.

And the other was a hook up from my super rad friend Emily with getting the cookies on 101.5 KBG's morning show with Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw. The phones were ringing off the hook after this one. I swear I sound like a 6 year old though... :)
December 19, 9am, Part 2

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