Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oven thermometers...small life saver!

Baking can be so frustrating! It is so crazy inconsistent it drives me insane! The same exact recipe sometimes will come out different every time I bake it. Ugh!! Although I still struggle with consistency, one thing I have found that has helped me out TREMENDOUSLY is an oven thermometer.  So cheap and easy to get, I think every baker must have one. Ovens are really testy and often very wrong.  It might say it's set at 375 degrees but often the actual temperature inside the oven isn't even close to 375 degrees and my cookies come out under baked or over baked.  Especially if I've been baking for a while, the oven is always hotter than what it's set at.  Hopefully, the consistency part will get better since I know thats incredibly important when trying to run a small business.

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