Tuesday, May 8, 2012

!0 Wedding Myths...Debunked

I recently read a post by BrideFinds about 10 wedding myths de-bunked that I found very interesting.  Getting married just a little over a  year ago I can say I totally agree! I think there may have been one tradition we actually kept (which was wearing white - I'm not that bold yet!!) and the rest was completely a reflection of our personality and who we are as opposed to tradition.  My brother actually walked me down the aisle, we totally skipped the garter & bouquet toss, my husband wore TOMS as his shoes, my husband didn't technically have a best man, and we held a buffet dinner.  And it was great! I think the best complement we got after was from my brother in law who told me .  Perfect!

Here are the 10 myths debunked:
1. You have to wear white.

2. You can’t ask for cash.
3. You need something borrowed, blue, old, and new.
4. You have to have a bouquet toss and garter toss.
5. You have to serve a full meal.
6. You need a full wedding party
7. You need a planner.
8. Your father has to walk you down the aisle.
9. You have to spend a small fortune.
10. The bride’s family pays for everything.

I think I totally agree!

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