Monday, September 13, 2010

Can she do it?

It's been three weeks since the flurry of activity and whirlwind of emotions resulting from the success of the company re-launch on Kickstarter. Still overwhelmed by all the support I received, I'm starting to feel the pressure of success and the fear of failure settle in. This time there are so many more people invested, curious to see whether this time I'll do it or not. And that's hard.... but also encouraging that so many people do believe in me.

Re-launching The Cookie Chew should theoretically be a step by step process but I wasn't all together sure I was doing everything I should have been doing. I've begun the process to file for a LLC, contacted the state and county to ensure I have all the proper health and food permits, contracted with my old kitchen to bake in their facilities again, hired a baker and begun the process to obtain proper insurance. But is that everything? I wasn't I contacted the San Diego Food & Beverage Association to take them up on their offer of a free counseling session on "How to Open and Run a Successful F&B Business." and met with President/ Founder Steve. We spent about two hours talking and chatting and listening to his years of knowledge wrapped in two hours of advice and though I don't think I learned anything truly new, it was nice to find confirmation that I was taking all the necessary steps to get started again. So now that I'm almost all back certified and legit....the only thing to do just find sales. That'll be easy right?

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Byrdiejo said...

Who doesn't want to buy cookies?!?!? Do you ship them to WA??? ;)