Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's the simple things...

Having to make decisions, it’s all a part of life right? Sometimes it’s hard enough for me to choose between my closed toe pumps or peek toe flats. And to make it even harder, there's Gwyneth missing her sliding doors by a split second completely altering the course of her life! But at least we all go through it together. We all have decisions to make and unfortunately for me often the bad out number the good. I often find myself thinking how I got here. Not in this coffee shop typing this post so much or even here in San Diego, but to this point in my life, where every day is a new adventure and filled with numerous decisions that may or may not alter the course of my life. Talk about stress! Okay maybe a little over dramatic but do you ever wonder how your life would be different had you choose not to take that job or date that boy or even go that party or for me, quit your job to start a cookie company? Maybe that’s why I chose to stuff truffles inside of cookies. It just got too hard to decide between the two! If only everything in life were that simple...or maybe it really is.

Here’s a decision that isn’t a hard one to make. Do spicy and chocolate go together? Oh I think so! Cayenne dark chocolate truffle stuffed cookie. The newest addition to the truffie collection!

(The picture kinda sucks cause it's from my phone but you get the point)

AND since it was kickstarter that's inspired me to start baking, blogging and pursuing again, as a special thank you, every backer will also get this new flavor to try with your pledge! Thanks again!

Check out the project here

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