Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Count Down Begins

In less than 18 hours I’ll be on my way to Uganda! Thanks to all who’ve supported me so far and those that will continue to support me through prayer while I’m away. My first stop is San Fran, from there to NY, then DUBAI! Yay – with an overnight layover – but who’s going to sleep? I want to ski indoors! And onto to Entebbe, Uganda. We then take a long bus ride to Lire, where we will be staying and from what I hear our accommodations are actually quite nice – we have running water and electricity that actually works. We’ll have our laundry done for us daily (except for the unmentionables) and all our meals prepared - rice and beans, rice and beans, and rice and beans – yum - maybe they’d appreciate a few cookies. Luna bars are on sale at Wal-mart for 75 cents! Actually – I really do love rice and beans and we all know I’m not a picky eater. We know we’ll be working in orphanages and we have two very experienced people who went last year who will lead in the medical and counseling work we will be doing. In addition, we will be doing general health and hygiene education and skills development. I just watched the documentary “War Dance” - which is amazing – the other night and it really displayed how powerful music is over there – so I’m hoping to connect with them in this way too.

Last night I had dinner with some of my closest girlfriends and as I sat there eating my rabbit food – my stomach is STILL sensitive from my four day fast – it finally hit me! My life is about to change and I can’t wait!

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